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Services for the Entire Solution to Pool & Water Features Projects

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Concrete tailor made pools . . . unique and everlasting!

Designer Pool specialises in the state-of-the-art of pool design and construction. We create unique, elegant and functional in ground or above ground concrete pools, for your backyard or your business.

Our expertise ranges from pool design, constructions, repairs, maintenance and renovations. We use the best mechanical and electrical techniques to create the perfect tailor made pool for you.

We aim at turning your dream into reality: whether it is a free form or formal concrete swimming pool design, or a difficult construction site, we listen closely to your ideas and requirements and translate them into the perfect pool project for you.

A swimming pool is an investment, a lifestyle change and an enhancement of your property, and we are here to ensure that your pool adheres to the design concepts and styles of its surroundings.

Designer Pool provides the right combination of design, engineering and technology to make your dream come true. Visit our photo gallery to view our projects and for appointments please contact us at info@designerpool.net


Enjoying your new pool: choose the right maintenance!

Relaxing and splashing in your pool will remain a healthy and enjoyable moment as long as your pool is maintained on a regular basis. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and ponds require a regular maintenance and the frequency and type of maintenance will vary according to the size of the pool.

For crystal clear pool water, you should keep up to a good water treatment which can be categorised in three levels: High, Standard & Low.

Vacuum Sweeping

In addition to the sanitation maintenance for a crystal clear water, to keep a clean pool, you should also manually brush and vacuum sweep the pool’s walls & floors to remove all external matters from the pool.

The frequency of vacuum sweeping can also be categorised in three levels: High, Standard & Low. This will directly depend on the size of the pool and its surrounding environment such as dust, surrounding trees, etc. More the pool is large or is surrounded by trees; more regular cleaning will be required. The frequency of manual vacuum cleaning can be reduced by adding an automatic vacuum sweeper in the pool.


Daily manual input of chemicals

Such pools do not have any automatic sanitation to the water. Thus the sanitation must be monitored manually on a daily basis.


Weekly manual input of chemicals

Such pools normally have an automatic dosing system such as an inline chemical feeder or chemical dosing pump with a chemical tank. The chemical feeder or tank must be replenished on a weekly basis depending on the size of the pool.


Salt Chlorinated

Such pools normally have an automatic salt water chlorinator. With the addition of salt – sodium chloride – to the pool water, the chlorinator will keep the chlorine of the water at its required level. The use of salt water chlorinator is for salty pool waters.

The above maintenance levels are directly related to the pool location, pool surroundings and prevailing weather conditions.Also the main rules for using pools must be respected, such as:

a. Shower before entering pool
b. Do not pollute water

About US

Pro Designer Pool will give you peace of mind and the confidence that comes from trusting our expertise in building, and pool-construction techniques. Designer Pool delivers exclusive and functional pool projects.

We design and build both in ground and above ground custom swimming pools for backyards, public institutions and hotels.

After designing the project, we build the pool structure, while providing for the electrical and plumbing works including a maintenance system.

Designer Pool is managed by Nazeer Jiagoo who has a rich experience in pool design and construction and working in this field since 1998.

You can view our unique pool designs in our online gallery

Tailor made pools

Piping & Electrical Section Drawings

We start a project by a site visit followed by a first proposal which includes an action plan and a detailed financial projection.

Once the proposal is approved, we come forward with a drawing of the pool which includes the detailed design of the projects.

Our designs proposals provide details of the following: Architectural, Structural, Plumbing and Electrical. We believe that the coordination of these aspects is an art and requires an exhaustive knowledge and expertise from the pool designer.

The first design proposal will be fine tuned with your collaboration so as to translate your views and thoughts on your project into reality. A project’s duration time will depend on its scope.

Architectural Drawing

Piping & Electrical Plan Drawing

Piping & Electrical Section Drawings

Why Choose Us

Unique Pool Designs . . . State of the art pools imply unique designs supported by impeccable mechanical and electrical works.

Pro Designer Pool specialises in designing and building quality private and public swimming pools, decorative ponds, fish ponds, bubble beds, Jacuzzis and pools for spas. We are a team of experienced designers and engineers who enjoy the opportunity of creating a unique project with each customer. We constantly innovate and stay in tune with the needs, requirements and dreams of our customers.

Each client has their personal needs and specific objectives. Therefore, we at Designer Pool, to be able to accompany our client in meeting their expectations, we do not aim at bulk services, our ambitions is to provide our clients with a specially dedicated care and attention so that their project are followed and completed up successfully.

Services for the Entire Solution to Pool & Water Features Projects

Repairs & Maintenance

Design & Construction



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